4 Reasons Why Procrastination Is Prevailing And Productivity Is Lacking In Workplaces

‘Procrastination’ is the state of willingly wasting time, postponing decisions and acts. It is estimated that one in four of every adult or student is procrastinating. It may have different reasons like deteriorating physical and mental health, unaccomplished tasks, stressing environment, unnecessary guilt, depression over trivial things, burnout, poor patience levels, devastating mindset, and pessimism. In this scenario, people should work on themselves to find out the reasons for feeling or acting unproductive. They should start managing and scheduling their time and tasks for a better output. There are some negative emotions attached to procrastination and defeatist sensations include stress, anxiety, and depression. If a person is procrastinating one day then there are higher chances of his procrastination on the very next day as well. Procrastination could be a result of being a constant perfectionist for flawless work, a better salary package, or some competition.

The most common and vital reason for low productivity in workplaces is:

Inefficacious Management And Supervision: 

It is also a defeatist cause of unproductivity as in this case managers or supervisors fail to boost their employees and lack consistent and proper communication. Supervision should be great otherwise the employee state will deteriorate. Low productive employees fall prey to ineffective organizational structures that don’t maximize that person’s skills, talents, and communication seniority. In this state, the structure of the organization should be retraced to have limited staff and supervisors can easily monitor employee productivity. Also, the lack of training may lead to frustration, wasted time, unproductive, and unhappiness in employees.

Noxious Workplace Behavior:

It is also the reason that some people start feeling less productive because of the continuous negative and stressful comments. There are people everywhere who find their existential right to create chaos in other’s lives and minds. To overcome this, communication is the best way as communication is the key to everything and one must set up a smooth ‘feedback loop’ between them and their employees.

Lack Of Acknowledgement And Sense Of Belonging:

It is also one of the potent causes of low employee productivity. Most of the workplaces or bigger companies don’t acknowledge their employees for working efficiently. It’s one of the basic and simple tasks of management but it’s often neglected. When workers don’t get enough appreciation for the effort they’re putting in, then more are the chances of them feeling demotivated and less productive. Low productivity in employees because they think that they aren’t part of the company because they belong to the less socio-economic background and sometimes they need wholesome appreciation to feel good about themselves and their work. 

Emotional Collapsing:

It’s natural that if someone gets too stressed about work and completes tasks slowly then chances are higher that the worker is sleep deprived or having a burnout exhaustion consequence. Poor mental health results in the form of heightened stress, which may have serious disorders such as ADHD that bothers both focus, and attention and make things difficult to get done. Treating mental health challenges and promoting well-being often results in increased productivity but productivity can’t just be alloyed from having treatments or meditations though. It’s highly responsible for your lifestyles, relationships, life satisfaction, and a major goal for having productivity is a well-rounded existence.


Sometime, there are many barriers in the workplace and organizational productivity because they feed their employees to be productive at any cost and in the meanwhile, they start focusing on productivity and stressed multitasking rather than their accomplishments. It can be really hard for any individual to fix a toxic place but one can suggest ways to lessen that stress or something to make that environment more optimistic. However, it’s always best to find a better place that’s healthy for both your mind and productivity. 


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