3 tips to create an online business.

Creating a website is not enough to make it a business. Creating an online business is creating a real company, with expenses, revenues, cash flows and profitability.

If your site is only present on eBay, what happens if, by an unfortunate case, you no longer sold on eBay? And if it depends only on paid traffic, what can happen if a fierce group of competitors raises costs to levels that are not sustainable for you? You understand that strong activity cannot rely on a couple of tactics. You need medium and long term strategy and tactics that go through the necessary steps.

1 – Create a database.
All companies have a database of their own customers and potential customers. Working to build your own customer base , maintain and renew it, is the main task you need to give yourself. If your list reaches between 12 thousand and 15 thousand people , if you do your job well and if you sell good products, you have a good chance of generating enough income.
The first thing to do to monetize your site is to create an organized database.

2 – Become the first in your niche.
When it comes to your topic, people should recognize your authority. You must be and appear to be an expert in your field. To achieve this you should also create a community of interest, become a point of reference for your business. If your niche is also small, you must be the best in the business.

3 – Adopt a strategy.
If you develop your online business strategy don’t just let it know in one way. SEO is a good tactic, but it cannot be unique. As well as paid advertising or price comparison engines. You have to generate traffic in many ways: whatever happens, you must not lose the flow of visitors.

Creating a brand is just a phrase like many if it is not supported by precise initiatives, tactics and strategies. And they are not free tactics and strategies. You must have spending, investment, analysis and measurement capabilities.

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